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1-1/2" Wood Block String

1-1/2 Inch Natural Wood Block String
1-1/2 Inch Natural Wood Block StringMaking A Block StringITI Specialties Block String Size ComparisonITI Specialties Block String Block SizesITI Specialties Block String Cordage and Tassel Options
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Item Number: 10-292
Engraving Info
Block size: 1-1/2"x1-1/2"x1-1/2"
Sides engraved: 4
Engrave area, each side: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4"
Maximum length: 25 blocks
Shipping weight: Varies with length
Options: Round Edges
Relief Engraving
Wood Finish

Here's a unique item that makes a great promotional gift for any occasion. These strings of beautiful laser engraved hardwood blocks spell out any name or message you want on the faces of the blocks. Upper and lower case letters, spaces, numbers, punctuation and multiple words separated by spaces can all be used. These block strings are made using eco-friendly 1-1/2" natural hardwood blocks separated by natural hardwood  spacers. The blocks are sanded smooth but absolutely NO PAINT, NO STAIN, NO VARNISH, NO LACQUER or any other sort of finish is used on these solid wood blocks. (We really like the natural wood with the laser engraving but for a small additional upcharge we can apply a hand rubbed oil finish or a light satin lacquer finish.)

These block strings can be displayed hanging from any lamp, mantle, wall hook, etc. Your block string order will be strung on your choice of colored cordage in red, white, blue, black, silver and gold terminated with a hanging loop on the top and with a knot or matching tassel at the bottom.

All of our block strings are made to order. Blocks are normally square cut but for Standard and Relief Engraving an additional upcharge you can have the edges rounded. Normally, we engrave the same letter or word on all four faces of each block in the string. For each face of each cube you can select standard engraving where we cut the image into the cube or relief engraving where we remove wood from the cube and leave the image (relief engraving takes lots more laser time so there is a small upcharge for each relief engraved face). For text faces just send us your text for each block and your choice of font; for custom images you just need to create and send us your artwork (click here for instructions).

Give a totally unique gift that recipients will remember forever. Our laser engraving makes it easy for you to customize these block strings for any event.

SKU            10          25          50        100        250          
10-292 1-1/2" Base Block String  $15.00  $14.30  $13.50  $12.30  $11.30    5R
Options Add 1-1/2" Block/Spacer Pair, each  $   8.00  $   7.60  $   7.20  $   6.60  $   6.00    5R
  Add relief engraving, per side  $   0.50   T          
  Round edges, per block  $   0.50   T          
  Add oil or light lacquer finish  $   1.00   T          
  Artwork, per unique image  $35.00   T          

Contact us for a detailed quote or to order samples.

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