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ITI Specialties Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Sending Artwork to ITI Specialties

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Sending Artwork to ITI Specialties

For custom artwork, photographs, graphic icons, etc. for your item you will need to send us your artwork. Many web stores use a "browse and click" box to directly upload artwork. We don't like that because it is insecure and can be exploited by hackers, giving them unauthorized access to your entire computer system. Potentially not good!! It is much safer to just send us your artwork as an email file attachment.

All of our items which can be custom engraved will include the size of the available image area. Just prepare your artwork for the size indicated then email it as a file attachment to: with your purchase order number in the message SUBJECT line. For example:



Subject:     Artwork for Our Purchase Order #<your purchase order number here>

Attach:       <your-artwork-file-name.file-type>

Your artwork should be the largest full color or black and white images you have with at least 300 DPI resolution (600 DPI or more is better - the laser can engrave up to amazing 2400 DPI - smaller than the human eye can see!). We can accommodate most formats including TIFF, JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS or CDR formats but we'll do our best with what you send us.

Our artists can also work with you to produce custom artwork for your item. Just contact us and talk to us about what you want to do.

Whatever artwork format you are using, for any item we will send you a digital proof for your review and sign off before we engrave your item.

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