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Long Handled Bamboo Back Scratcher

Laser Engraved Bamboo Back Scratcher
Laser Engraved Bamboo Back ScratcherLaser Engraving Areas For Bamboo Back Scratcher
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Item Number: 10-050
Engraving Info
Back Scratcher Length: 18-1/2"
Handle Engrave Area (W x H): 3" x 3/4"
Body Engrave Area (W x H): 6" x 1/2"
Shipping Weight: 8 / pound

Make a permanent impression and tell clients you've got their back by engraving a name or personal message on our bamboo back scratchers. Our state of the art laser engraving system upgrades a common back scratcher to a truly memorable gift. The laser permanently cuts your message deep into the wood in your choice of text fonts or custom artwork. The cut is deep, very sharp and high resolution; it will never smear or wear off. Great for that special event, for corporate gift giving or for other promotional product use.

The imprint areas are 3" x 3/4" on the inside of the handle or a large 6" x 1/2" on the body of the back scratcher. Laser engraving on the handle, body or both is included in the price. We can do text only engraving or we can produce engraved back scratchers using custom artwork.

Features of our laser engraved bamboo back scratchers include:

  • Sturdy Back Scratcher - Made from mature, sustainably harvested Moso bamboo, the one piece design's thick, strong handles won’t flex or twist when you scratch hard. 18-1/2" long with a comfortable 1-1/2" wide handle, this is no skinny stick like you'll find with most other bamboo back scratchers. Also includes a sturdy genuine leather thong.
  • Flexible position - we can engrave your text message on the inside handle and/or body of the back scratcher.
  • Flexible message - We have a library of thousands of text fonts or, for a fully custom look you can send us your own artwork* for the back scratcher handle and/or body.
  • 100% Laser Engraved In The USA100% Laser Engraved In USA - while the bamboo back scratchers themselves are imported from our selected sustainable sources in Asia, all of the laser engraving work is done by hand in Vancouver, Washington USA.

Make a bamboo back scratcher into more a high quality gift that will keep your message in front of customers year in and year out. Our laser engraving makes it easy for you to customize our bamboo back scratchers for any event or occasion.

SKU            25          50        100        250        500  
10-050 Laser engraved bamboo back scratcher  $   7.00  $   6.80  $   6.70  $   6.30  $   6.00 5R
  Artwork, per unique image  $35.00   T        

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