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Hanukkah Dreidel Top, Natural Maple

Natural Maple Hanukkah Dreidel Top, No Text
Natural Maple Hanukkah Dreidel Top, No TextNatural Maple Hanukkah Dreidel Top, With TextNatural Maple Hanukkah Dreidel Top, Top EngravingNatural Maple Hanukkah Dreidel Top, Dreidel Size
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Item Number: 10-171
Engraving Info
Dreidel size: 2-1/2" x 1-1/8"
Sides engraved: top
Engrave area: 1" round
Shipping weight: 12 dreidels/pound

Here's a personalized update to the ever popular Hanukkah dreidel top. Unlike printed dreidels, each of our dreidels is individually engraved using our state of the art laser engraving systems to cut a high resolution image of each Hebrew letter permanently into the wood. The laser cut is very sharp and high resolution and will never fade or rub off; it gives the dreidel a unique textured look. The dreidels are natural maple hardwood. Sanded smooth but absolutely NO PAINT, NO STAIN, NO VARNISH, NO LACQUER or any other sort of finish is used on these wood dreidels.

We engrave our Hanukkah dreidels in one of two formats: "worldwide" and "Israeli".

  • Worldwide and Israeli Dreidel Engraving OptionsFor the "worldwide" format we engrave the dreidel with the four Hebrew letters "nun", "gimel", "he" and "shin", representing the Hanukkah message, "A great miracle happened there".
  • For the "Israeli" format we engrave the dreidel with the letters "nun", "gimel", "he" and "pey" which represent the special "Israeli" version of the Hanukkah message, "A great miracle happened here".

We can also engrave the dreidel with or without the matching English spelling of the Hebrew letter name above the Hebrew letter and we engrave a name or message of your choice around the top of the dreidel. Please Note: we've tried to use the most common spellings for the Hebrew letters "nun", "gimel", "he", "shin" and "pey" but we know that there are alternative spellings in use. Since we engrave our dreidels to order, if your client would like us to use a different spelling on any or all letters just let us know and we'll use whatever spelling you request.

If you're looking for a hand crafted Hanukkah dreidel for any event - personalized, made from natural wood and produced in an environmentally friendly way, you need look no further than our dreidels. All parts used in the construction of these wood dreidels are made from American hardwood and all engraving is done in Vancouver, Washington USA.

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10-171 Classic Wood Hanukkah Dreidel  $   6.10  $   5.20  $   4.90  $   4.60  $   4.24  5R 
Options Add drawstring gift pouch  $   1.50    T         
  Artwork, per unique image  $35.00    T         

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