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4" x 4" Wood Domino Puzzle

4 inch x 4 inch Laser Engraved Domino Puzzle
4 inch x 4 inch Laser Engraved Domino PuzzleDomino Puzzle In Pieces
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Item Number: 10-700
Engraving Info
Puzzle  size: 4" x 4"
Number of dominoes: 8
Sides engraved: 1
Engrave area: 3-7/8" x 3-7/8"
Shipping weight: 12 puzzles/pound
Options: Two side Engraving
Gift pouch

Convert your marketing images into challenging puzzles. This unique design puzzle is made from an array of natural wood dominoes. These wood dominoes are a uniquely green product, handmade from recycled wood materials salvaged from local wood mills and cabinet shops here in the Pacific Northwest. Wood types used for these puzzles include alder, maple, oak, cherry, beech and other wood species. Each domino is sawn from wood scraps and individually hand sanded on all surfaces, corners and edges to make sure that they are free from splinters and jagged edges. Absolutely NO PAINT, NO STAIN, NO VARNISH, NO LACQUER or any other sort of finish is used on these wood dominoes.

The wood dominoes are arranged into a 4" x 4" array then we use our state of the art scanners and laser engraving systems to cut a high resolution image permanently into the wood. The laser cut is deep, very sharp and high resolution and will never fade or rub off; it gives the puzzle a unique textured look. Combine a laser engraved wood plaque with a challenging puzzle. Excellent hand out item for team building sessions, organizational strategy meetings and delivering your marketing messages. And don't be fooled: while small, these are deceptively challenging puzzles to put back together!

Features of this laser engraved wood domino puzzle include:

  • Unique matrix puzzle design - this interesting 4" x 4" puzzle is made using an array of 8, 2" x 1" x 1/4" natural wood dominoes arranged in a symmetrical array. We then laser engrave your high resolution image onto the array.

  • Environmentally Sensitive - We produce virtually all of the dominoes using pieces of premium "finish grade" hardwoods that are a byproduct of normal cabinet making and which would normally be thrown away or burned as scrap wood.
  • No two alike - Our wood dominoes are hand sanded smooth on all sides and edges to eliminate any splinters, jagged edges or rough areas. And no paints, stains, varnishes, lacquers or any other type of finish are used. Totally natural wood. When engraved, like snowflakes, each puzzle becomes totally unique.
  • 100% Made In The USA100% American Made - all parts used in the construction of these wood dominoes are made from American hardwood, all wood dominoes are 100% made in America and all laser engraving is done in Vancouver, Washington USA.

If you're looking for a unique way to deliver your marketing message try this challenging puzzle hand made from natural wood and produced in an environmentally friendly way. Beautiful image, each one unique.

SKU            25          50        100        250        500  
10-171 Domino puzzle, 8 pieces, 4" x 4"  $   8.50  $   8.10  $   7.75  $   7.50  $   7.25 5R
  Add drawstring gift pouch  $   1.50    T         
  Artwork, per unique image  $35.00   T        

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